I went to CES 2023 this year and visited the good folks from CoolerMaster at their exhibit. It was pretty intense, they showcased a lot of things and I figured all of the other tech press had covered it all already – but I was was wrong.

It seems like the rest of the tech press collectively forgot to report on what I consider to be the most exciting thing CoolerMaster announced at CES2023 – their upcoming revamp of their software control suite, MasterPlus.

I don’t know about the rest of y’all – but I find some of the bloated, proprietary software solutions for controlling coolers to be annoying. CoolerMaster agrees – they’ve redesigned their software suite and will be making it open source and have API/plug-in system that will allow other products to integrate into it. In fact, you’ll be able to use non-CoolerMaster coolers with it. To be sure I didn’t misunderstand, I reached out to CoolerMaster. They responded via email

it’s possible but will only work on the ARGB  config and reading of performance info like temp/fan speed.  

Regarding the smart TMS (Thermal Management System), it’s CM proprietary features that support CM cooling components only.  

So basically, the software should work fully with other companies coolers – you just won’t be able to use exclusive CoolerMaster features with it.

For example, the upcoming update will have a feature that identifies when a CoolerMaster cooling product suffers from a AIO leak. It also has a feature which will track your PSU’s efficiency over time. These features probably won’t work on competitor products.

CoolerMaster’s representative showed me a few potential applications of the API system, by hooking it into a photos application and also using it to control a secondary display integrated into a case’s side. They also showed me a few other features that I can’t talk about just yet – but I promise you will be very interesting.

Another part to this update is that there will be full cloud integration – if you desire it. You won’t be forced to use the cloud if you don’t want to. The cloud and phone versions won’t be as open as the desktop version, but will still feature interoperability.

I wasn’t able to demo the new version of the desktop software, but CoolerMaster allowed me to take a few photos of the cloud software demo, shown below. More information about the upcoming software update will be available from CoolerMaster soon.

CoolerMaster also gave me a few other cooling related updates. They are updating their existing lineup with upgraded fans, making them even better values. Additionally, they have a few new coolers coming out – like the dual tower MAB24 that has a full eight heatpipes. We’ll be putting it to the test with Intel’s i9-13900K, so stay tuned for the review!

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