Edited 5/17/23 – I had mislabeled the multi-core benchmark graph as “single core”. This image has been updated.

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I was browsing /r/hardware on Reddit today when I saw a post by /u/Technologov. This Redditor benchmarked a single core AMD K6-2 500 released in 1998 against 2022’s sixteen core Ryzen 9 7950x. While obviously we expect the modern AM5 system to massacre the older Socket 7 system, but it’s interesting to see just how far we’ve come in 22+ years.

With a single core result of 28, the K6-2 500 isn’t exactly fast. Hell, it isn’t even slow by today’s standards. It’s utterly painful. But we can forgive that – this CPU is over 20 years old! The graph below goes to show just how far technology has progressed. In this particular example, we’re looking at a 4,621.43% improvement! I put together a graph comparing these scores, Ryzen’s bar looks like a skyscraper in comparison to the K6-2 500!

Since the K6-2 500 only has a single core, its multi-core score is the same as it’s single core. When we factor in the improvements gained by parallel processing, the total performance improvement is 90,985.71%! And they say Moore’s law is dead!

Source: /u/Technologov on /r/hardware

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